Thoughts on the Martinist Cloak and Mask




+ Mike Restivo [Sar Ignatius, I::L:: Rose†Croix Martinist Order (Ontario, Canada)]


After the Martinist Conventicle Opening, Brother Sar Ignatius rises to offer some thoughts:


The Martinist Cloak or mantle is coloured black inside and out traditionally and clasped at the neck by a button. It is worn prior to the Opening of a Martinist Conventicle, removed for comfort and after the Closing ritual ceremony, re-worn. The Cloak symbolizes anonymity, prudence and humility, inspiring its bearer to work both in private and in public subtly, without distraction of others and without vanity. It represents the protective and health giving aura we develop in our spiritual and breathing plus visualization exercises for the Rose†Croix Martinist.


The symbolism of the Martinist Mask is contained in that of the Cloak thus the Mask is not used in the Rose†Croix Martinist Order. Traditionally, it represents humility and working anonymously and silently in public and private. Like the cloak, it is worn prior to the Opening and re-worn after the Closing. Combined with the cloak, our reflections and meditations are guided by the ascended being we seek to become, not as the finite and imperfect creature we are at present. Temporarily at first we assume or take on a grace and form of more noble and spiritual level to recharge and grow our inner nature. In time, our being is transmuted or reborn as the enlightened being in the expansion of consciousness called by self-realization then of an even more elevated condition called Cosmic Consciousness, Nirvana and Samadhi. This is the epitome of mystical ascension in at-one-ment with Omneity.


At first we wear and keep in recollection the symbols of the Order if only temporarily at Martinist meetings, to help and guide members on the Path or Way of Re-integration. In time we become self-regulated and are transformed into living symbols and conduct ourselves for the betterment of humankind and the glory of the Eternal.



Bro:: Sar Ignatius (Mike Restivo) resumes his seat as other members and the Temple Master offer comments.