Thoughts on the Martinist Jewel




+ Mike Restivo [Sar Ignatius, I::L:: Rose†Croix Martinist Order (Ontario, Canada)]



After the Martinist Conventicle Opening, Brother Sar Ignatius rises to offer some thoughts:


The Martinist Jewel, hanging at the vertex of the Culminated S:: I:: Collar, is composed of three symbols: A circle with a hexagram inscribed within it and an equilateral tau cross inscribed within the hexagram. The intersection of the cross is at the center of the circle. Dotted lines connect the vertices of the hexagram to form a hexagon.


The circle represents the finite universe, the body of teaching of the Order and the necessary application of those principles to ascend on the path of Re-Integration. Study or memory or collection alone of Martinist philosophy is unproductive and not intended by design. The circle represents much of the symbology of the Cordelier which encircles the waist of all members. The circle’s circumference represents the limit of our human perception in our study of the Books of Nature and Humankind. The circle has an equilateral cross at its centre. It represents the nexus between Omneity (The Eternal Yahweh) in this so-called Christian Age of Dispensation and Humankind through the Christos symbolized by the Alchemical Universal Medicine. 


The cross represents Omneity’s emanation of the Christos into the Universe, not only as in the Biblical revelation of John, but as a personal sanctification in Christ, the Anointed One by the grace of the Paraclete in a Baptism of Fire as in Pentecost. This is representative of the spiritual ascension manifested at the summit of mystical work:   The transmutation of our base or elementary and imperfect nature through a spiritual and cognitive metamorphosis under the catalyst of Christ, the so-called Philosopher’s Stone and Panem ad Vitam. This catalytic process is affected cognitively and spiritually if possible for the member and proven by the member’s Spiritual and Corporal Works of Mercy. This Mystic Alchemical process is not for the free gift of so-called salvation already free for asking the Eternal, but for the higher ennobling return to our First Estate as in the Biblical Paradise.


The hexagon represents several meanings from its geometric properties:  Any hexagon can be constructed using only compass (i.e. specific practice and teachings) and straight edge (i.e. self discipline, balance and righteousness).  By extending any hexagon's vertices until they intersect, a hexagram is created, part of the symbol of the Martinist Order and a symbol of Judaism and the Old Testament from which it springs like the water from the rock struck by Moses foreshadowing the rock Petrus upon which Christianity is built in the New Testament.  The three main diagonals of any equilateral hexagon inscribed in a circle intersect at the centre and form a vertical line intersecting two crossed lines like the Chi Rho symbol of Jesus Christ. A horizontal line drawn through any equilateral hexagon's centre and perpendicular to its two sides forms a tau or cross, part of the crucifix as a symbol of Christianity.


Bro:: Sar Ignatius (Mike Restivo) resumes his seat as other members and the Temple Master offer comments.