Thoughts on the Martinist Cordelier and Collar




+ Mike Restivo [Sar Ignatius, I::L:: Rose†Croix Martinist Order (Ontario, Canada)]




 After the Martinist Conventicle Opening, Brother Sar Ignatius rises to offer some thoughts:


During the vesting of the Martinist regalia we allow the symbols attached to them to call to mind the principles of the Order. Additionally to “vesting” we can consider the term “arming” as we recollect assuming the armour and equipment of the ancient knights. The Cordelier is circled about the waist and tied in a kind of knot on the right side symbol of justice and strength or on the left side symbol of charity and wisdom. We are reminded that we occupy a chain of transmitted Initiation and our status obligates us to perpetuate that Initiation by teaching, living example and by ceremony to solemnize the Martinist teachings if not confer any particular grace sacramentally from Initiator to Initiate by laying on of hands plus interaction of the auras and transfer of subtle energy called prana or chi, not all of these factors need be present in any one ceremony.


The Cordelier serves to represent self discipline in all that we do and to represent a badge of readiness to be of service to humankind. It also represents our status in the Order with black as S::I:: [Culminated S::I:: wear purple in RCMO), red as S::I::I and red/white as I::L:: (O.M.S) or white or golden colour (RCMO)]


We put on the Collar and Jewel of the Order as Culminated S::I:: Martinists and assume the responsibility and weight or karma of our duty to our fellow humankind and as a mentor to our junior members of the Order. It indicates our status and reminds us of the stole of the priest crossed over our hearts and the scapular of the monk which invests us with a spiritual quality from both our Initiation and our work along the Path of Re-Integration. The labarum on the collar represents several symbols:  Unknown Superior, Unknown Server, and Society of Jesus, each calling to mind three aspects of our Martinist fellowship, both esoteric in private study and in public (knightly and virtuous) works of beneficence, and in spiritual Christian Mystical development.



Bro:: Sar Ignatius (Mike Restivo) resumes his seat as other members and the Temple Master offer comments.


[In the O.M.S, the “Master of Ceremonies” is called “Honoured Master” for a lodge, “Very Wise One” for a heptad and “Bro:: name” for a circle. In the RCMO, the title is “Master Superior” (apex in the East station) to complete the Mystic Triangle of Master Associate (left station) and Master Initiate (right station) for lodge and heptad, “Bro:: name” for circle.]