Thoughts on the Martinist Alb




+ Mike Restivo [Sar Ignatius, I::L:: Rose†Croix Martinist Order (Ontario, Canada)]


Brother Sar Ignatius rises to offer some thoughts:


I like to consider the facility made by Lodge or Temple Master Bro:: Cyvard as a real Martinist Conventicle in principle. He has given some preliminaries with much food for thought. So I echo his sentiments and after the opening of the meeting, I rise to suggest some comment for the good of our fellow Martinists:


Traditionally we meet in person and share in a simple ceremony to open our Conventicle. This formally prepares our minds to set upon our Path for which we seek, generally a Christian philosophy of life.  We sit quietly upon entering our meeting, say lodge or heptad or circle and prepare already. Prior to that, we remove our worldly thoughts for the time being of this philosophical and spiritual refreshment as we vest ourselves piece by piece with the regalia of the Order. This can be a ceremony of cleansing and attunement in itself. As we seek for proof if not at least demonstrations of more exotic and wonderful sights and signs of the supernatural as discussed by fellow esotericists, we must admit that we should start our quest from a good and solid foundation, crawl before flying as it were, else we are not true to ourselves and already exercise poor judgement, unbecoming of self mastery and more enlightened ascension.


Returning to the ceremony of vesting then, we do not surround ourselves selfishly and blindly with articles granting us magical powers of any kind. Would we really expect to do anything for which we are unprepared in life? There is no difference in self mastery. We must not allow our self delusions to govern us along paths of errors of any kind. These advisories in mind, we consider our regalia as reminders and catalysts for our improving self mastery, of which self discipline, is an essential ingredient.


Firstly we do not remove our secular clothing, but install our robe over it. We are but finite beings and must recognize this. Yet we take on and assume a righteousness that we hope to be more and more worthy along the Path or Way of Re-integration. We do not deprecate or call material evil as is the case with many religious teachings, but seek to improve and prepare our nature, especially our mind, such that a transformation or graduation can transpire from secular mind only to more transcendental and spiritual mind also, inclusively to the improvement of all our nature now reborn. With one eye on the symbolic process of Alchemy we see the steps needed along the Way.


Bro:: Sar Ignatius (Mike Restivo) resumes his seat as other members and the Temple Master offer comments.